Bar Fight at Bar Lola; Farmers Fear Grasshoppers

An "extremely intoxicated" woman was allegedly assaulted by a Bar Lola bartender after refusing to tip on an over $150 tab. [Herald]

A predicted grasshopper infestation this summer could damage millions of acres of crops like barley, corn, and beets. [WSJ]

A group of French and Italian researchers are investigating the genome structure of Prigord truffles. [NYT]

Environmental activists are using social media to attack Nestle about its use of Indonesian palm oil. [WSJ]

Italy's famed asparagus season is under way. [WSJ]

India's first-ever Taco Bell opened last week. [NRN]

March's unusually warm weather spelled an early end for Vermont's maple syrup season. [NYT]

Though the Senate committee on agriculture passed a school lunch bill, it did so with much less funding than the Obama administration had hoped for. [Diner's Journal/NYT]

Newsday reporter Sumathi Reddy is the Wall Street Journal's new restaurant reporter. [NYO]

NATO is shuttering burgers bars and pizzerias at Afghanistan bases to improve focus and efficiency. [BBC]