Shrimp Catch Soars; New USDA Tests Could Doom Small Farms

This year's shrimp catch has been so strong that federal regulators may end the season early. [Globe]

Expensive new USDA meat-testing requirements could doom many small-scale farms. [Salon]

The delicacy of wine grapes makes them a reliable barometer of the severity of global warming. [Slate]

Two Las Vegas developers are attempting to revolutionize Shanghai nightlife with a new club called The Obama. [Reuters]

Some prisons now allow inmates to order junk food, a move that advocates say raises money and keeps inmates happy. [WSJ]

Goldman Sachs mortgage traders have an annual White Castle eating contest. [WSJ via Gawker]

A new study finds that people who eat more chocolate are more likely to be depressed than those who don't eat much. [WSJ]

Dunkin' Donuts will open the first of twenty planned Moscow stores this year, its first since retreating from Russia in 1999. [WSJ]