Cult Chocolates in Northampton; Starbucks Repositions Seattle's Best

Northampton's Cornucopia Heavenly Chocolates have developed quite a following. [Globe]

Starbucks is set to reposition Seattle's Best Coffee as a direct competitor to its fast food rivals. [WSJ]

A new government report suggests that many food allergies are misdiagnosed. [NYT]

Corporate-owned gardens are an increasingly popular way to build employee morale. [NYT]

A new report from the White House calls on food companies to stop marketing unhealthy products to children. [WSJ]

Cheerful White House pastry chef Sam Yosses works hard to make the first family's sweets healthier. [NYT]

Food manufacturers are beginning to cater to the ever-growing number of Americans with celiac disease, offering everything gluten-free versions of everything from beer to flour. [NYDN]