Sam Adams Stock Briefly Plummets; New Bedford and Gloucester Sue Over Fishing

Thursday's Dow Jones trader error caused the price of Boston Beer Company stock to briefly plummet to a penny. [Globe]

New Bedford and Gloucester are suing the federal government over new fishing regulations, which, they charge, will collapse the industry. [Herald]

Roslindale finally has Chinese delivery, in the form of Hyde Park's Asian Thai Eatery. [Universal Hub]

Suicide prevention advocates are up in arms about a Pom ad featuring a noose. [Herald]

Coke's new soda fountains will let consumers mix 104 different drinks, like Caffeine-Free Raspberry Coke. [WSJ]

Six of yesterday's top twenty Google searches were about chain restaurants. [Eater]

After last week's 23 state lettuce recall, restaurants have spent a lot of time convincing customers their greens are safe. [CNN]

At least 40 butchers were detained in Venezuela last week over allegations of price gouging on beef. [NYP]

A Queens woman is suing Con-Agra, charging that she got "popcorn lung" after eating their microwaved popcorn twice daily for sixteen years. [NYDN]

Nutritionist Janine Whiteson says it is possible to find healthy food like Sun Chips and tuna at the bodega. [NYDN]