Where to Watch the World Cup

Photo: Isak Aronsson/Flickr

The 2010 World Cup kicks off tomorrow and Phillys restaurants are helping fans get fired up. Believe us, local sports fans could use a little fire with the chill of the Flyers loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals still sending shivers throughout the city. Spots all over town are gearing up to accommodate soccer enthusiasts, and whether you want to watch the game over breakfast, lunch or just some beers, we've got a destination for you.

Fado will be open for all matches and offer breakfast specials for the tournaments early broadcasts. Morning specials include breakfast sandwiches, plus coffee or juice ($7); plus Red Bull ($9); plus a pint of Harp, Stella Artois or Newcastle ($10); plus Grey Goose Bloody Mary ($12). For soccers early birds Fado will also offer what its calling Irish Breakfast - no, its not a potato and a beer - which includes two eggs, Irish sausage, rashers, black and white pudding, pan-fried potato bread and a pint of beer for $12.95. Lunch specials, served after 11 a.m. during World Cup matches, include sandwiches (Guinness BBQ chicken, bacon cheeseburgers, smoked turkey RLT and more) and a pint of beer for $12.95.

Tir Na Nog gets in on the action, opening early and showing all the matches on its TVs and giant projection screen. Make reservations now for the Pull Your Own Draught table - a table that features built-in taps. Its already booked for the first two games. Specials during matches include $4 20-ounce Carlsberg and Stella Artois draughts, $3.50 Bud and Bud Lites, and daily half-priced appetizer specials. For morning bouts, Tir Na Nog will also offer breakfast specials.

Dark Horse Pub will be open for all games and feature a daily selection of food and drink specials, based on what teams are playing.

Black Sheep Pub will open for each game and offer fans specially priced drinks.

Swift Half will show games broadcast during normal operating hours on all its TVs.