Fenway Vendor in Immigration Scandal; Robber Picks Wrong Lunch Spot


Aramark, the food concessionaire at Fenway Park, is among five New England companies that federal immigration officials have fined for being unable to prove that their workers were here legally. [Globe]

A Springfield man who allegedly robbed a Chinese food delivery driver in September was nabbed when he showed up at the same restaurant for lunch on Monday. [Herald]

Wendy's is introducing new fries topped with sea salt because "people associate it with good, natural things," according to a rep. [USAT]

The Journal concludes that Japanese chefs in America pretty much refuse to use our water, preferring instead to import bottles from the Land of the Rising Sun. [WSJ/Japan Real Time]

Is there anything that isn't better after it's barbecued? John T. Edge explores the world of smoked turkeys. [NYT]

A food-safety advocate in China was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for "inciting social disorder." [AP]