Today in "Places That Might Really Need A Publicist"...

Beer: It'll kill what ails ya!

A few days ago, we sung Quincy's praises as a suburban restaurant haven. But we won't be bellying up to Yesterday's bar today ... or tomorrow, either. The owner, Eric Ricupero, will compete on the Food Network's Worst Cooks in America, which debuts Sunday night. He'll appear alongside another Boston native, environmental contractor Jeff Longcor.

Per a story in the Herald, "Both men had a reputation of performing appallingly in the kitchen." Admits Ricupero: “My best friend swears that I got him sick, that I gave him salmonella by giving him undercooked chicken." What a pal! For the audition, Ricupero made sweet and sour chicken, which was "dreadful" enough to earn him a spot on the show. Ricupero's taking a leave of absence from his bar to compete. He might not be the only one. Good thing alcohol kills germs!

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