Patricia Yeo Wants A Gastropub of Her Very Own


When Ginger Park closed last year, we wondered whether Patricia Yeo was the Jennifer Aniston of the restaurant world. We really just want her to find a happy home. Well, according to Stuff, seems like she's well on her way!

In their 5 Courses column, Yeo discusses her plans to open an "Asian gastropub," hopefully in the South End.

"The space is not going to be overwhelming the food, and I think that's what happened at Ginger Park," she tells them. We agree. Food was lovely, space was lovely, but nothing's more depressing than eating lovely food in a lovely, oft-empty space.

The new spot, she tells the magazine, will have about 50 seats and bring back some Ginger Park favorites. She hopes to open in late spring.

5 Courses

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