Eric Ripert in Boston: Miles to Go Before He Sleeps

Angelic Eric Ripert

When Anthony Bourdain came here a few weeks ago to tape No Reservations, it was a Major Media Event. People wondered where he'd eat and tracked his every move with the fervor of Lindsay Lohan's probation officer. (Guilty.) Bourdain-sightings took on an Elvis-like quality. Well, he's back tonight for Good vs. Evil, a lively discussion with his good buddy, Le Bernardin Chef Eric Ripert. Bourdain, of course, will play the part of wisecracking bad boy, with twinkly Ripert providing Zen counterbalance. While we all know what Bourdain does when he arrives in a city (hint: drinking at townie bars), what about Ripert? More ahead.

"I walk the city for hours, miles," Ripert tells Grub Street. "No matter where I go, I walk. Even in Los Angeles. I'm the only guy who walks! That's my way of discovering a city."

And, uh, just where will he walk while in Boston? Ripert's had some delicious meals in Chinatown, and not surprisingly one of his favorite spots is Bistro du Midi, where he applauds Le Bernardin alum Robert Sisca's cooking. He's also enjoyed Pigalle. (He doesn't expect to hit up any of his favorites this time around, though, since he's leaving tomorrow.)

"When I go to a city, I do my research," he says. "I break things down into segments. The first night, I'll go to a very fine restaurant. Then I'll eat where the locals go, for something friendly. Then I look for street food, maybe near a market or something."

But one place you won't find him, ever? Red Sox bars. "I've never been able to understand baseball," he confesses.

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