Savin Bar + Kitchen Debuts in Dorchester on Monday


Today Thrillist spotlights Savin Bar + Kitchen, a craft cocktail place set to open on Savin Hill Avenue in Dorchester next week. One thing caught our eye: They'll sling a "bourbon ginger number" spiked with honey from a JP beekeeper. Clearly this whole bartending-beekeeping trend must be something special if it's found its way to a relatively quiet corner of the DOT, right? The rest of the menu looks suitably pleasing, if not terribly unique: shortribs braised in Guinness, a raw bar, and small plates (where would we be without small plates?), including ... mac 'n cheese. But we'll go for the cocktails, we think; perhaps the Maine sangria-vodka blend. We'll even drink it at a bar built from reclaimed wood! [Thrillist]