It's Been A Bad, Bad Week for Boozers


Ever-juicy Universal Hub reports that Boston Police arrived at East Boston's Cafe Meridian to break up a brawl and ended up leaving with 61 bottles of aguardiente, vodka, tequila and whiskey, all because the restaurant doesn't have a proper liquor license. Oh, but Meridian wants the booze back (we're assuming it's in tact), because they actually have a liqueur license. Per the story, Meridian's defenders claim that "tequila isn't really tequila if it's mixed with cream and that infusing vodka with ginger or anise transforms it into a liqueur." Wonder what'd happen if we mixed our coffee with Four Loko ... Meanwhile, the South End Patch reports the disturbing news that CRU Wine and Spirits was shuttered in the wake of "court-authorized activity." The FBI refuses to comment. Yikes! [Universal Hub/Patch]