People Just Don't Make Deals on the Backs of Napkins These Days

See ya later, alligator.

So lamented one sorrowful patron of Bakey's to the Herald. The throwback power lunch spot is set to close today after 23 years in business, so get your super-size sandwiches while you still can.

Has power-lunching really changed in Boston? Or are there just new players in the game? The Herald seems to think the place is a charming relic: "Instead of looking over each other’s shoulders at flat-screen TVs, patrons actually talk and, if necessary, rely on a 10-pound unabridged 1951 Webster’s Dictionary to settle debates, instead of using Google." (Apparently these debates involve antiquated vocabulary words?)

Anyway, the former see-and-be-seen spot will be taken over by a true sign of the times: a restaurant called The Warehouse on Broad, which will have an "industrial warehouse" feel. Very on-trend! However, loyal Bakey's diners shouldn't despair. The new owner plans to keep several of their signature menu items. No word on the 1951 dictionary, though.

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