Harvard Square's Casablanca Lives On, Just Down the Road

Casbah's father-and-son duo, posing in their new digs.

Awhile ago we'd mentioned that Casbah was quietly planning to open on New Street, a crooked little alley off of Fresh Pond Circle. It's now open for business. Lovers of Harvard Square's Casablanca, which is now up for sale, will be relieved to know that it's run by longtime owner Sari Abul-Jubein and his son, Jason. Plus, it's a little bit cheaper, and bit more casual, than their Harvard Square institution.

The menu plays off of the family's favorite Mediterranean dishes at Casablanca; you'll find their Kofte spiced with onions and parsley and that yummy house-smoked pulled lamb with charred tomatoes and spicy yogurt. At lunch, there's sandwiches served on the ubiquitous and delicious Iggy's bread. It's at 26 New Street, where Persian restaurant Basha once stood. Pass the Laundromutt, and you've gone too far.