We've Got New York to Thank for Our Late-Night Food Scene


Boston's after-hours dining scene continues to grow and improve, but the guy who got the ball rolling in the first place is Dave Dubois. His Franklin Cafe was once one of the few restaurants beyond Chinatown that was open late and, therefore, hospitable to industry folks and other late-night types. The Globe checks in with Dubois for their profile of noteworthy nocturnal spots and discovers, though, that his dedication to late-night dining actually comes from his New York-bred dad.

"My father grew up in New York ... and he always used to say that Boston is such a one-horse town because he could go out at 4 in the morning and get Indian food or a corned beef sandwich. ... In memory of my father I want to serve as late as we possibly can serve. That’s where it came from. We were offering a service to the city that it didn’t have." Dave Dubois's dad, we might have indigestion — but we salute you just the same. [Globe]