The Ronson Sisters Like Lolita's Bathroom

LiLo was not spotted in the bathroom.

The flash, from the Back Bay, apparently official: The Sisters Ronson, in town for a fashion show, totally adore Lolita's bordello-ish black-and-white loos. We find this refreshing. You know, so many celebrities prefer to keep their party-hopping bathroom habits under wraps (for a variety of reasons, we're sure!). Yet saucy Charlotte Ronson tweeted a photo of the spot's toilet last night and gamely called it "dope." The bathrooms are one of Lolita's finer features, we have to agree! Sister Samantha, meanwhile, DJ'd at the restaurant.

The duo was in town for a fashion show celebrating Charlotte's clothing line, which was held among the buddhas at Red Lantern. The Herald has some videos of the show. Sadly, we don't have any videos from the bathroom.