Shake It Off: We're Not Getting a Shake Shack Any Time Soon

We have a Shaq; we need a Shack!

Waaaaaah! Put away the french fries; cue the violins. Rumors have swirled for a while that Danny Meyer's much-loved, oft-imitated Shake Shack would open a branch in Boston sometime in the near future. Not happening. Yet.

BRT gets this delicately worded missive from a Shack spokesperson: "We have openly expressed our intention to bring Shake Shack to compelling sites in great neighborhoods. As such, rumors often circulate about potential openings. We have decided not to comment on any of these rumors until we have something concrete to share ... at this time we are focusing our efforts on our existing Shacks as well as those scheduled to open in the next year: Brooklyn (mid-December), Philadelphia (mid-2012), Coral Gables (mid-2012) and Long Island."

For the record, Boston's "compelling site" was rumored to be Chestnut Hill, which we happen to think is a far lovelier location than Coral Gables. Judging by the official response, though, we're not too panicked. We'll put our money on an early 2012 announcement.

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