Jamaica Plain's The Haven Will Give Out Free Appetizers to Whole Foods Patrons

Might not find this at Whole Foods.

As we've meticulously chronicled, many JP'ers have been upset about Whole Foods coming to the neighborhood. Maybe they resisted gentrification. Perhaps they were sad to say goodbye to their old local grocery, Hi-Lo. Or maybe they feared yuppies in yoga pants doing shots of wheat grass with wild abandon. Thankfully, it's Scottish pub The Haven to the rescue, with an amazing deal that will surely drum up business for Whole Foods ... and, just maybe, cause you to buy too many prepackaged sushi rolls.

Here's the deal: Visit The Haven between 5 and 7 p.m. on any night of the week before shopping at Whole Foods. Make the scene carrying an environmentally friendly shopping bag (proof that you will indeed make haste to WF), and get a free appetizer if you purchase a pint of beer.

On the one hand, arriving at Whole Foods on a slightly full stomach might spare you from reckless spending; on the other hand, you'll also arrive a bit tipsy, and you could end up leaving with a few too many incense sticks and bags of trail mix. Whatever. We think it sounds like a pretty awesome deal. Plus, the friendly Haven folks also say that they'll offer up "purchasing advice based on years of shopping experience." Maybe they can tell us how to spend less than $15 at the salad bar?

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