Expulsion for Bodily Fluid Frosters; Hansons Brothers Will Release a Beer


• The Andover High kids involved with that cookie-bodily fluid-frosting "incident" are now facing...ahem..."expulsion." [Globe]

• We've never really gotten over Hanson being all grown up and married and stuff, and now, in the ultimate declaration of adult-ness, the brothers H are releasing a beer. It's called MMMHop, of course. [NYDN]

• Eating fish is evidently great for preventing Alzheimer's. The important chemical, choline, is also found in chicken and eggs, and it doesn't even matter which you eat first. [Healthland/Time, NYDN]

• When wedding season rolls around, beware the chicken-liver pâté — if undercooked, it's associated with a common form of food poisoning. [BBC]

• If you care about such things, Air Canada and Virgin America have the healthiest airplane food. Also, US Airways' CafePlus box might be healthy, but subjecting one's fellow passengers to the smell of tuna fish is just cruel. [USAT]

• Afternoon tea is all grown up at several fancy places around London. [WSJ]