Wave Bye-Bye to Blue Wave

Staring too long will render you inebriated.

The Fort Point resto-lounge with the Miami-ish neon blue sign goes dark tonight. It couldn't have been easy, jockeying for customers in a neighborhood with libation destinations like Drink and Lucky's, but they hung in for several years. Per the Fab Empire, a farewell soiree happens this evening and will be "packed."

Or will it? Recent Yelp reviews lament the odd mix of clientele (including a chap garbed in "pimp" attire), slow service, bland food, and "cheap" furniture. Interestingly, one Yelper suggests that a "New York restaurant" will take Blue Wave's place. The spot is small and narrow. It's also right across the street from Drink. Which New Yorker wants to go glass-to-glass with Barbara Lynch? Or will it just be a nightclub with a DJ who once spun in Brooklyn? Stay tuned! [Fab Empire via BRT]