Get Outta My Grill: Could Tasty Burger Encroach on Boston Burger Company's Turf?

Boston Burger Company's gut-busting Hot Mess.

Are we meat-mad enough to support two burger restaurants in Davis Square? Looks like the neighborhood is poised to become the site of a burger battle: Tasty Burger has announced plans to open in the neighborhood after contemplating locations as far-flung as Mattapan. But what does this mean for award-winning burger stronghold Boston Burger Co., which now enjoys elite status as the only burger-slinger on the block?

The problem with Boston Burger Co., as we see it, is that it's damn tiny. We've waited for two hours for a seat. There's also absolutely no bar area, so if it's crowded and snowing/raining/unpleasant outside, we're going to go elsewhere ... even if that means settling for burritos instead of burgers. (There's never a huge line at Chipotle!)

We're guessing Tasty Burger will be larger. Also, both locations have booze, so that won't be a deal-breaker. A bigger space combined with alcohol does give the edge to Tasty, although we do have a certain fondness for BBC's Hot Mess.

But Chowder, who first noted the move, says that specifics aren't available yet; looks to us like this opening might be a little while in the making and BBC can continue serving burgers sans competition, for now.

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