Wraps! Foiled Again: Chipotle Heads Westward, Opens in Westford


Grub Street hears that Chipotle is moving westward, bringing not one but two burrito havens to Westford. And we have to quote from the release we received, because it's just so charmingly innocent: "I do not know if you are familiar with Chipotle; if not, I expect you will be quite impressed when you taste the food." Aw, as if Chipotle is a quaint little burrito shoppe, straight from Amish Country! Anyway, they plan to open two locations in Westford, one at Littleton Valley Marketplace, one at 183 Washington Street. Both debut on December 13. Also, in case you want to make a little extra holiday money, "The benefits are very good and the pay is competitive." Welcome, Chipotle! Who needs Shake Shack, anyway? (Don't answer that.)