The Dosa Temple Worships Vegetarians

A healthy dose of dosa.

Good news, Somervillians! You no longer have to pray for a Dosa Temple of your very own: It's here! The Indo-Chinese restaurant, which specializes in vegetarian fare, opened over the weekend at 447 Somerville Avenue a bit past Porter Square. More meaty details ahead.

Besides a plethora of dosas (like the handsome-looking one above, accompanied by several sauces), they have an array of noodles, uthappam, South Indian specialties, and tons of breads. The menu is long, luscious, and devoid of carnivorous pleasures.

There's another Dosa location in Ashland, about 40 minutes away, and we've known people who've made the trek just for those dosas alone. So we have high hopes. If you've been, let us know what you think.