Legal Sea Foods CEO Hit Rock Bottom at the Carnegie Deli

A hulking sandwich at the Carnegie Deli.

Last week, Legal Sea Foods maven Roger Berkowitz took to the blogosphere to document his addiction to Chinese food. This week, he confesses to an even stronger vice: deli meats. We understand his passion (who doesn't love pastrami?), yet we also hope he perseveres where his colleagues Hemingway, Cheever, Capote, and Kerouac have failed. "I'm shaking as I write this!" he reveals in his latest missive, suggestively titled "My Substance of Choice," which recalls his rock-bottom moment at New York's iconic Carnegie Deli.

His devolution into the throes of powerlessness will be familiar to anyone who's enjoyed nine too many egg nogs at a holiday soiree or found themselves face-down in a bag of Fritos: "My problem was (is) once in front of a genuine Jewish deli latter, I inevitably lose control. I possess no cut-off mechanism. I just keep eating till it’s gone."

Thus weakened but hopeful nonetheless, he took his family to the Carnegie Deli, vowing to order only a turkey club. Alas, it was not to be:

Once seated the plate of sour and half sour pickles came and I felt myself losing control. When it came time to order, I had completely forgotten my turkey club vow, and went instead for the “Fresser’s Delight:” two pounds of deli including corned beef, rolled beef and tongue with swiss and coleslaw, piled six inches high on white rye ... My family watched in horror as I just kept eating. When finished, I sat there dazed and bloated and gastronomically distressed.

While we chuckle at his wry look at deli addiction, we also hope he gets help. Surely there's a twelve-step program for this kind of problem. Or he could just go to Katz's, where the sandwiches are (a little) smaller.

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