The Gallows' Rebecca Roth Makes the Times Vows Section

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Actor King Vidor once famously claimed that "marriage isn't a word; it's a sentence." But for Rebecca Roth, heading to the Gallows isn't a bad thing ... the South End Gallows, that is. The restaurant owner married regular Stephen Gullo over the weekend, and their nuptials were profiled in the New York Times' fancy-schmancy Vows section, often the provenance of hedge funders and people whose names end with Roman numerals.

The Times has been really into Boston chefs and restaurants lately, exhibit A being its ongoing fascination with the psychology of Barbara Lynch. We're not sure how the Bostonians made it onto their wedding pages, but it's a sweet love story nonetheless: Roth was the hostess who flitted from "table to table like a honeybee"; shy guy Gullo routinely "perched at the bar," unabashedly solo, to gaze at his beloved. I think he was scared to let someone get to know him really well," confessed pal Dan Berger. Aww!

Of course, being a man of fine taste, he finally asked Roth on a date to Craigie on Main (good choice!) and the rest was history. Congratulations, lovebirds. We're jealous. Not mentioned in the article: Gullo can now eat that poutine whenever he wants.

Rebecca Roth and Stephen Gullo [NYT]

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