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Has the East Coast Grill Gone Downhill?

A few weeks ago we brought you the news that longtime ECG owner Chris Schlesinger would sell the 27-year-old restaurant to chef Jason Herd and general manager Robin Greenspan, and James Lozano. But now a group of loyalists have taken to Chowhound to debate the current quality of the spot. Are they resting on their laurels and burning their patrons in the process?

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Mmm, Beer

Harpoon's plans for an expanded beer hall are a go. A financing plan with RBS Citizens is complete, says the Herald, which means that they'll expand their Seaport visitors center, touring facilities, and add a big beer hall. Which means, for us, a big beer haul. [Herald, Earlier]

Cheap Sandwiches Are in Your Future

First we thought that Morton's would move into the sad, abandoned Borders space in Downtown Crossing. Then people started talking about Walgreens. But no: You'll be able to get your yoga gear, cheap hipster clothing, and cute British sandies all in the same space when Athleta, H&M, and Pret a Manger cafe move in!

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22 Other Things Pizza Hut Should Stuff Into Its Crusts

This is only the beginning.

Now that Pizza Huts in the UK are offering pizza crusts stuffed with hot dogs, it would seem we've reached the pinnacle of human achievement. Hardly. Here's a bunch of other crap that, to the best of our knowledge, has yet to be stuffed into a pizza crust.

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BU Kids Hazed With Fish Sauce, Sardine Cans

Woo-hoo!Photo: istockphoto

Somewhere, John Belushi is crying: Channel 5/WCVB reports on a troubling scene at Boston University's frat row, where several fraternity recruits were found bound together with duct tape and doused in a variety of condiments. And not just average condiments, either!

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Grubstreet Sweeps

Recent reader reviews on MenuPages

  • Cookin' Cafe & Grill See the menu

    “Cookin is gooood!”

    I'm picky about meatball subs so when I say is good it's really good

  • The Pour House See the menu

    “Awsome food and drink”

    After spending all your hard earned dollars in the Pru enjoy a few cool one here before you take the T home.

  • Il Villaggio See the menu

    “Absolutely Amazing”

    Having worked at Olive Garden for 3 years I guess I never really knew what REAL Italian food tasted like.


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