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We Can Hear the Meat Sizzling Now

Swank Brazilian steakhouse chain Fogo de Chao, a favorite of Posh Spice, inches closer to opening at the Westin Copley. Apparently the Breezeway, a crime-plagued bar in Mattapan, will possibly sell its liquor license to the spot on May 2. The Westin, meanwhile, used to be home to the Palm. What's sizzling steak without alcohol? [UH]

Bayless: The Chef, the Actor ... and Now the App

Got an iPhone, $2.99, and a hunger for authentic Mexican food? Then Rick Bayless: Mexican Essentials is for you. The Frontera chef's first app has just been released by Chronicle Books, containing 35 interactive Mexican recipes, 40 instructional videos, a guide to storage and use of 32 key ingredients including Bayless's own audio instructions, and various other search tools and geegaws. For a limited time you can get it for $2 off the $4.99 price. [iTunes]

Max Brenner: Now With Breakfast

Looking for a really fattening and naughty way to start the day? Max Brenner, Boylston Street's very own sugar wonderland, announces that they'll offer weekday breakfast beginning on May 1. Still, aside from the Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate pancakes with dark chocolate truffle cream and caramelized bananas, we have to say that the menu looks almost virtuous.

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Burger King Will Go Humane ... In Half a Decade

As we all learned in Food, Inc., the fast-food industry plays a huge role in dictating the practices of industrial farms in this country. Today Burger King announced that they plan to get their pork and poultry products from 100 percent cage-free sources by 2017, inadvertently reminding us all that their eggs and bacon currently come from sad, dark places that reek of death and feces.

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Oprah Winfrey Hits Scarpetta, Buys Homeless Man a Meal

"You get pasta! And you get pasta!"

Oprah Winfrey continues to be the closest thing America has to a real wizard, materializing new cars, free therapy, and fistfuls of cash for those in need with just a simple snap of her fingers. Today, "Page Six" reveals that Big O was recently eating a five-course dinner on the patio of Scarpetta in Beverly Hills with a few power players from her OWN Network. During the meal, a man approached and asked, "Oprah can you help a homeless guy get a bowl of soup, please?" Check this out: Instead of screaming for security, Oprah literally just said out loud, possibly to no one in particular, "Please, can we get him some money, get him a meal," and lo, it was done. A tablemate immediately handed the dude a "wad of cash" and the restaurant began serving him. Now that's magic. Then again, maybe it's just Scarpetta that has people feeling generous, as similarly juicy Jay-Z dropped a $50,000 tip on the waitstaff here in August. [NYP]

Annnd the Latest Teen-Drinking Trend Is ... Hand Sanitizer

Oh, kids. If they're not stealing their parents' prescription meds or sniffing Pixy Stix (is that still a thing?), they're ... guzzling hand sanitizer. That's right: The latest trend in teen intoxication involves squirting back Purell and its ilk, which contain 62 percent ethyl alcohol. Six youngsters have already been rushed to emergency rooms in Southern California, and doctors are reporting that they were pretty drunk but completely bacteria-free, which is more than you can claim about a Four Loko habit. [NYDN]

More Info Emerges About City Landing, Plus Sel de la Terre's Farewell Menu

Chef Brodsky, looking ahead?Photo: Mike Diskin

Today Grub Street gets the official announcement from chef Bill Brodsky, late of Wequassett Resort and Golf Club in Harwich, that City Landing will open at 255 State Street in July. As we told you earlier, City Landing will take over the space currently occupied by a branch of Sel de la Terre, which has gone pop-up before closing.

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Fan Accidentally Douses Obama in Fro-Yo, But He’s Cool With It

He's been hit with worse.Photo: Daily Camera

There's a moral in here somewhere: The POTUS dropped by Boulder college pub the Sink en route to an engagement at the University of Colorado ... and ended up with pants covered in purple fro-yo. An excited bystander dropped her dessert on the ground as he strode past, splashing his trousers, but Obama gamely cleaned it up himself, even saying to the woman: "Getting yogurt on the president, that's a good story." Hopefully he had a change of clothes in his motorcade. Untroubled by his soiled attire, Obama even autographed the ceiling next to man-about-town Guy Fieri's signature and listened while a pub patron told him about her plans to open a cheese-fry shop. What would obesity opponent MObama think of that idea? [Daily Camera]

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