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Honey Don't?

Red Bull has teamed up with local Dunkin' rival Honey Dew to offer energy-spiked smoothies. They will be available in the innocuous flavors of lemonade and strawberry starting next week at select locations. Honey Dew CEO Richard Bowen says he wants to give his customers "variety." And, apparently, a potent alternative to turbo-charged iced coffee. It's not the first time Honey Dew has tried to generate buzz with new menu items: In 2010, they rolled out a line of international breakfast sandwiches. [BBJ, Earlier]

Kingfish Hall's Reign Has Ended in Faneuil Hall

Olives reopens, but Kingfish Hall is in the pits.

They're closed! They're open! They're "closed for the season"! They're actually a food cart roaming the streets of West Roxbury! Much speculation has swirled around the fate of Todd English's Kingfish Hall (his Olives has, at long last, reopened today in Charlestown); now comes the news that it's closed for good, despite publicists' earlier claims to the contrary.

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Accused Wine Counterfeiter Actually a Brilliant Wine Blender

Back in March we reported on the arrest of jet-setting wine collector and dealer Rudy Kurniawan, a.k.a. Dr. Conti, who was busted for allegedly selling counterfeit bottles of ultrarare French vintages. It turns out that a key to Kurniawan's success over part of the last decade was his palate, and his skill at mimicking — via blends he made in a home laboratory using recent vintages — the bouquet, color, and flavor of very old and expensive wines.

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Gratuity Included: A Quick History of Big Celebrity Tippers

We've spent enough time working restaurant jobs and slogging through part-time drudgery to truly appreciate any baller who knows how to tip big. And in celebrity circles, a huge gratuity (made public) is a surefire path to good PR and image rehabilitation. Yesterday, we learned that John Travolta wasn't too shabby with a tip at a fortuitously timed dinner at Mr. Chow in New York. So today, we present some huge tipping moments that might make you think, however, briefly, that the celebrities who left them aren't such bad people after all — even notorious ne'er-do-wells such as Naomi Campbell and Russell Crowe. Check it out, straight ahead.

Giant Noodle Returns to Faneuil Hall

Nope, not in the North End.Photo: BostonTweet

The intrepid BostonTweet captured this photo of Kraft's iconic Faneuil Hall noodle. The bright-yellow work of art/advertisement boldly claims that "you know you love it," and, well, we really do. If only we could sit on it. [Twitter/BostonTweet]

Vegemite’s Sales Stink

And how about revamping the dated packaging?

Australia is having something of a culinary identity crisis as younger eaters increasingly fail to embrace Vegemite, writes The Wall Street Journal. The yeasty spread (a by-product of beer-making, we just learned) is notorious for its pungent smell and salty flavor, not qualities generally beloved by children. And a growing Asian population in places like Sydney means many youngsters have no familial obligation to ingest the stuff, since their parents never did.

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‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ Recap: David Rees on the Premiere

Cheers!Photo: Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Do you like food? Do you like the world? If you’re like me, you do! But here’s the most important question, reader: Do you like plates? I think plates are pretty cool — I like big circular plates covered with leafy greens and pork chops and mashed potatoes and other such delights. I’m also fond of oval platters suffocating under the weight of extreme nachos. I’ll confess to hating rectangular and triangular plates of the type you find at certain restaurants who take as their motto “Let’s confound diners’ expectations about the most basic shit in the universe,” but overall I guess you could call me a fan of plates. Anyway, there’s a new show made for people just like you and me: Around the World in 80 Plates is Bravo's celebration of travel and cuisine and arguing and all that stuff we’ve come to expect from reality TV (and reality itself).

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Devra First Is Growing Impatient With Patricia Yeo

Patricia, we love ya, but you're bringing us down. The Globe's Devra First, in a 1.5-star review of Moksa that mixes hope with wistfulness, crystallizes a sentiment we've expressed here before: "I want Moksa to pull itself together. I want food that is hot, sour, sweet, and salty all at once, that makes my taste buds do the wave. I believe Yeo can achieve this. But it’s getting harder to keep the faith." So what's wrong?

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Ten Fantastically Nasty Fast-Food Meltdowns

It's a fact: Crazy things happen at fast-food restaurants. But we always assumed that people who did things like dial 911 for McNuggets or stiletto-stomp patrons at Taco Bell were predisposed to such behavior despite their diet. But turns out, if they favored wheatgrass over Whoppers, things could be different. Recently Ohio State University announced a research project that seeks to link fast food to the body's reaction to stressful situations (like, say, not getting McNuggets right now.) And in that spirit of academic pursuit, we've put together a list of the ten most outrageous fast-food freakouts. All the people on this list behaved poorly, but don't judge. Science might just be on their side.

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