Silvertone's Josh Childs Spills It

Would you trust this man to make your cocktail?

Bartender par excellence Josh Childs, owner of Silvertone, Parlor Sports, and Trina's Starlite Lounge, launches a new cocktail blog today. Happily, he's the rare bartender who writes just as well as he mixes.

The first entry recalls how he first decided to become a bartender: "Only eight years old, but I clearly remember stocking beer in a West Virginia river to keep it cold, and joyously running to grab one when needed. No such thing as a craft microbrew then, but what qualified in those days was Coors, unheard of in 1974 on the East Coast. The cans had the distinguishing feature of two circular pop-top tabs that I carefully had to press down before presenting. The care and effort that went into service then, as a small boy, was absolutely no different than patiently stirring a Manhattan and giving it proudly to a guest today."

Cheers, sir!