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Watch Cookie Monster’s Carly Rae Jepson Spoof ‘Share It Maybe’

Sharing trumps calorie counting.

Even though cookies are only supposed to be "a sometimes food" for Cookie Monster in these health-conscious times, the lovable blue guy is back to his old tricks and fiending for cookies today with a new web video. It's a spoof of Carly Rae Jepson's megahit "Call Me Maybe" called "Share It Maybe," and features Cookie Monster roaming around an office trying to steal everyone's cookies. Also, there are backup dancers. And really, were we ever supposed to believe that he would choose fruit over a cookie? As if. Check out the video right here. [Vulture]

Uber Launches On-Demand Ice Cream Truck [Updated]

Sweet ride.Photo: Dan Wakins

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just push a button from your home or office and miraculously summon an ice cream truck to cater to your every whim? Maybe even one that doesn't play that creepy music? Well, your dreams have come true: On Friday, Uber launches an on-demand ice cream delivery service. Summon the truck from your smartphone and 10 minutes later, a truck toting your favorite icy treats will appear. Orders are $12 and serve five of your hungriest officemates. Update: This is a one-day only treat. [Uber Boston]

Wahlberg Brothers Hire Panera Bigwig to Spearhead Wahlburgers National Expansion

Going all in.

A quick recap for those who may have forgotten: Last fall, Mark, Donnie, and Paul Wahlberg opened Wahlburgers outside of Boston. Rumors of expansion — and a reality show — circulated, and everyone continued to laugh about the shop's silly name. But the Wahlberg boys are serious about this thing: In fact, today a rep writes in to let us know that they've hired former Panera Bread executive Rick Vanzura "to lead the expansion of Wahlburgers." A rep tells Grub Street that Wahlburgers will first expand in Boston before going national. And in a press release, which you can see below, a publicist writes Vanzura says, "After spending several months getting to know the Wahlbergs, I was struck by their commitment to building a world-class concept offering extraordinary food and an exceptional experience."

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On Frank Ocean, Channel Orange, and Taste Synesthesia

We bet Channel Orange tastes like sherbet.Photo: Karl Walter/Getty Images

Last night, Frank Ocean released Channel Orange, his proper debut, a week before it was supposed to hit. (It's great — go listen.) The title, as every single thing written about Ocean in the last week has told us, has to do with synesthesia, the neurological phenomenon through which two senses get their wires crossed (in the case of Ocean, orange was reportedly the color he saw when he first fell in love). But we wondered, on this very slow summer day, if that particular condition could extend itself to flavor, and food. And it turns out it can, in lots of awesome-sounding ways.

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Cat Cora Caught Driving Under the Influence


Oops! The Santa Barbara Independent found out that Cat Cora, Food TV staple and host of the show-that-nobody-really-watches Around the World in 80 Plates, was cited last month for driving under the influence after her Chevy Tahoe rear-ended a BMW at low speed. Cops arrived and conducted a field sobriety test and discovered that, yes, Cora's BAC was more than twice the legal limit. Cora reportedly told officers that she'd had three beers that night, after she and her partner got into an argument. In hindsight, maybe all those ouzo shots she threw back on Iron Chef America were really just a cry for help. [Santa Barbara Independent via Eater National]

Downtown Crossing As Mobile Food Hub

Boston is planning to rework its vendor program in Downtown Crossing, according to the Boston Herald. The city seeks to “revamp the merchandise in the 25-year-old pushcart program and possibly add mobile trucks, kiosks and more permanent retail structures.” We wonder, will City Hall consider adding mobile food carts to the mileu of merchandise vendors?

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Here’s How You Make a Big Mac (Kind Of)

McDonald's rolled out a promotional video that features the company's executive chef Dan Coudreaut making a Big Mac at home, and you know it's casual because he makes a point of removing his chef's jacket. You can watch it below, if you're interested, but the interesting thing about the video is that it's less instructional — only an idiot needs to be told how to layer burger fixings on a bun — and way more about making McDonald's signature agro-burger look like a wholesome, unprocessed product.

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Amsterdam Falafel Is Open

DC’s Amsterdam Falafel is now open for business in Davis Square, Somerville, occupying the former space of Diva Lounge. According to their facebook page the falafel purveyor had a soft preview opening this past weekend for fans who knew the DC operation. As of yesterday they are open to the public. Get ready for the condiment bar!

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