America’s Best Pizza in Boston


Can a slice of Americas best pizza be found right here in Boston? Zagat thinks so, including the North Ends Galleria Umberto on its list of "The Best Pizza in 23 U.S. Cities" last week. The Zagat insiders describe Galleria Umbertos as no-nonsense and dirt-cheap with amazing Sicilian pizza. The praise isnt going to the head of owner though, as the shop is still on its yearly July vacation. Perhaps a horde of new fans and tourists alike will be waiting outside come August?

The Zagat list isnt without a rousing comment debate, though, as any foodie discussion requires. Some pizza fans are offended by the omission of New Haven pizza. Another anonymous Bostonian gripes that Pizza Regina, another North End favorite, serves superior pies.

And so begins the never-ending great pizza debate.