What Are the Worst Food Towns?


Over on Chowhound, there's a spirited discussion about the Boston area's worst suburbs for food. We're all for the bucolic fall road trip (apple orchards! pumpkin-picking!), but there are a few places that make even the locals weep with boredom. What are they?

MC Slim JB dubs Westford a "wasteland," with others noting the dearth of decent dining options in otherwise lovely Carlisle and Dover. Can't people who live in these places afford to eat out? ScotchandSirloin has no kind words for Charlestown, home of Olives, or "Even Worse Olives ... it is a wasteland. Which is strange because there are so many yuppies there who want to pay for restaurants." Other sorry burgs include Wellesley (Blue Ginger has taken a "dive in quality"), Harvard, and the geographically cursed Nahant. [CH]