Behold Boston's First (We Think) Jalapeno-Popper-Wrapped Fajita

Innovative, delicious, deadly. Photo: Staff Meal

Staff Meal has drawn inspiration from Grub Street's Gut-Bust-o-Matic, which allows you to create your very own heart-attack-inducing hybrid meal with just a quick click of the mouse. Nachos slathered with gravy? No problem! Oreo-topped burgers? Delish! No, BK Bacon Sundae has nothing on us. They took matters into their own hands and alerted us via Twitter that they've created a ... jalapeno-popper-wrapped fajita. Um, yeah. We're not sure whether to salivate or pray for an early death. But we know what we'll have for lunch today. And, if you can't make it to Staff Meal, give our Gut Bust-o-Matic a spin and dream! [Earlier, Staff Meal/Twitter]