Burger Dive Closes in on Opening, Thankfully

This could be you! Photo: iStockphoto

We broke the news a few months ago: the Legendary team (Papagayo, Sip, etc) plans to open Burger Dive at Somerville's Assembly Row, a concept complete with booze-fueled milkshakes. And now an opening date is upon us, and just in the nick of time.

Boston Restaurant Talk points out a Craigslist post saying that they'll open in mid-November. This is key, since the Dive is conveniently located right next to the Christmas Tree Shop, so you can take refuge with a meaty, condiment-laden burger and creamy booze while your mom goes crazy shopping for plastic stocking stuffers and blinking seasonal decor! (Everyone's been dragged to the Christmas Tree Shop by their mom once or twice, right?) We'll keep you updated!

October 30 Update [BRT]
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