Harvard Wants to Launch b. Good Burgers Into Space

The burgernaut team. Photo: Facebook/b.good

Hopefully extraterrestrials like protein: A team of Harvard students plan to launch the first burger in space over the weekend. It's not from Shake Shack or even McDonald's though; the lucky ambulatory sandwich will come from b. Good. Their e-mail plea to the chain could change the course of world history and space exploration.

Hey there,

I'm a Junior at Harvard College. I am sending you this email because b.good seems to be involved with numerous customer activities.

So I wanted to let you know that my friends and I (all Harvard science majors) are launching a weather balloon into the edge of space (30km altitude) and we'd like to give b.good the chance to sponsor part of this mission in exchange for recognition in the Harvard community and in exchange for lifting one hamburger into space and safely returning it.

You are the first person we're contacting with regards to this. Please let me know as soon as possible if you're interested in this. We're moving forward with our plans as we speak.

Thank you and see you in space!

Who needs intergalactic Tang and powdered eggs when you could eat beef? Harvard kids are so much fun! [FB via BRT]