Today's Mystery: James Beard Winner Opening a Restaurant in Concord Center

Right now, 80 Thoreau is the only game in town.

Ooh, intriguing! A Craigslist post reveals that a "high-profile" chef plans to open a restaurant in the culinary dead zone of Concord Center, where currently 80 Thoreau is pretty much the only worthy dining destination. The "nationally known" chef plans to open the restaurant after the new year. Some hints, ahead.

The chef already has a restaurant here in the Boston area.

The well-known chef has won a James Beard award (or at least has received "recognition").

Wine will be a focus, as will food from nearby Concord farms.

The chef is apparently not a brunch fan.

Who could it be? We want to say Oleana's Ana Sortun, because her husband runs Siena Farms in Sudbury. But we'll take guesses. Any ideas? Props to BRT for alerting us to this interesting development.