Busted in Brookline: Cognac Bistro Slapped for Serving Minors; Drug Deal Goes Bad at Peet's

Gimme more. Photo: istockphoto

Nefarious activity abounds on the mean streets of Brookline, and we're not talking about the tragedy that is Rod Dee's roach problem.

Upstanding Cognac Bistro, which seems an odd choice for clandestine, underage imbibing, was reprimanded for "blatant disregard for town ordinances" after the clueless manager served two 20-year-old undercover sting operatives. (Isn't that the best job ever?) Russian Village and Jimmy's were also cited in the sting.

Meanwhile, at the innocent-seeming Peet's Coffee & Tea on Harvard St., a drug deal went south when an officer caught a woman allegedly selling Ecstasy. She attempted to speed off in a waiting cab but was apprehended with a vial of incriminating white powder (not sugar from her coffee, we don't think). Remember the good old days in Brookline, when the biggest threat was veal?

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