Frito-Lay Lovers Are Apathetic and Conservative; Chipotle Leans Liberal

Chili dogs: a bipartisan treat. Photo: AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Why are Obama and Romney spending so much time chowing down at random pizzerias and swanky fundraisers when this kind of intelligence is available? Digital agency Engage, using polling data and the (very scientific) method of analyzing "likes" on Facebook, has compiled charts with Buzzfeed that correlate fast-food preferences with politics and likelihood to vote. Basically the whole thing is a cluster—seems most people who love fast food also don't know who the hell to vote for—with a few notable exceptions.

Chipotle fans lean liberal, which explains Mittens's rigid smirk when snapped there this month. Meanwhile Qdoba fans, cursed with horrible taste in Mexican food, also maintain conservative tastes in politics (draw your own conclusions). Also on the extreme right are, obviously, fans of Chick-fil-A (who would've guessed?), Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, and Outback Steakhouse. Liberal Pizzeria Uno, however, finally has something to be proud of: They're tied with conservative Waffle House when it comes to customers who are likely to vote. Don't these Waffle House voters know what Romney wants to do to health care?! Will they still hoover those cholesterol-laden chunked hashbrowns come January?!

Things get more interesting when Engage correlates food brands with politics. Those frisky Sriracha-squirters, it turns out, are super-liberal. So are Nutella lovers. We're also surprised to see Red Bull and Monster energy drinkers in the liberal category, since most people who swill that stuff aren't even legal yet. Odd bedfellows Mrs. Dash and Frito-Lay lean conservative, but neither are likely to vote, probably because they're too lazy to get off the couch.

Last but not least, maybe Romney is on to something with his tough talk on China: In addition to beating us in Oreo innovation, their fans are big Obama lovers.

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