RIP, Johnnie's Foodmaster

We'll miss you.

Yes, it's true: As we'd feared a couple months ago, the rumors about Whole Foods taking over the last remaining Johnnie's Foodmasters are true. The carpeted, discount-shopping havens in Lynn, Medford, Somerville (Alewife Brook Parkway), and Whitman will shut down, while locations in Arlington, Brookline, Charlestown, Melrose, Somerville (Beacon Street), and South Weymouth will be taken over by Whole Foods, Boston Restaurant Talk reports. The stores will close by November 30, leaving room for one last nostalgic Thanksgiving shopping frenzy.

As the Globe noted in August, Johnnie's Foodmaster opened in East Cambridge back in 1947, and it's is one of the last family-owned urban grocery store chains in the region. And so we say: At least we'll always have Market Basket. Right? Right?

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