Hurricane Sandy: A Culinary Retrospective

And then there was this guy. Photo: NEWaterfront/Matt Conti

You know, it's not often that we have the opportunity to libate midday while eating ham out of a can. Thanks, Sandy, for reacquainting us with our baser culinary instincts. From our flickeringly lit perch on the outskirts of town, we watched the events unfold thusly. In all seriousness, we hope everyone is safe and sound, with plenty of leftovers and enough booze to last at least through Election Day.

1. A lot of people took the opportunity to get sloshed in the middle of the day.

2. Grocery stores tried to be helpful by displaying Shabbat candles alongside things like bread.

3. But people really preferred water.

4. As the storm hit, industrious folks tried to out-slow-cook one another and immortalize their efforts on Instagram.

5. Restaurants encouraged people to emerge from their bunkers to imbibe cocktails named after the storm.

6. But not everyone was delighted that restaurants stayed open and possibly imperiled the lives of their workers.

7. More vexing still, some establishments reported to be open were actually closed.

8. That's OK, though, since other people thought of fun drinking games to be performed in the safety of one's own home!

9. Chef Nookie's House was hit by a tree. (He's OK.)

10. Other chefs were afforded the opportunity to reveal their housebound dining habits, which included such improbable items as White Russians, popcorn, and fried pasta.

11. Soon to emerge, we're sure: recipes involving canned food and soon-to-expire wine, plus strategies for ousting your passed-out, power-deprived friend from the couch with minimal trauma.