Locke-Ober's Long Goodbye

The way things were. Photo: Facebook/Locke-Ober

The self-proclaimed Taj Mahal of Boston restaurants closed over the weekend. It was a good, century-plus run. But times have changed. The Improper put it this way a few months ago: "It’s in a bad location. The patrons are dying off. The restaurant has opened and closed at various points, and it has no special drawing card, like a star chef or bar scene, to attract new blood."

The Globe's Devra First was slightly more charitable in a review last year: ""It’s the best place in town to pretend you’re Don Draper or his date."

In recent years it shed its chef, Lydia Shire, as well as its jacket policy. But as recently as 2011, management was hopeful that the landmark restaurant could make a comeback. At the time, amid rumors of imminent closure, they told Grub Street that the restaurant was reshuffling with a new chef and that Shire might be back "in the future." Well, the future is here, and Shire is not. The Globe reports that a sign was posted on the door, addressed to loyal customers, on Saturday night saying that L-O is "currently closed for business, pending Locke-Ober’s sale of its buildings located at Winter Place."

First the Oak Room, and now this. RIP, old timers. Who's left?

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