Next Stop, World Domination: Steve "Nookie" Postal Will Open Jewish Deli, Market Megaplex, Outdoor Restaurant

Busy Nookie.

First, as for the name: The Red Sox chef won't call his Kendall Square resto-market Commonwealth after all, despite early reports. "I know there’s one in Quincy and one in California. We probably won’t end up with Commonwealth, but you have to put something on all the documents,” he tells Chowder, reasonably enough.

Here's what's known so far. The very large (6,500 square feet) space will feature:

1. A market with salads, soups, rotisserie chicken, and grocery items

2. A family-style restaurant (with whole animals!)

3. A customizable menu

4. A private dining room avec courtyard

5. An outdoor restaurant that changes concepts each year, voted on via Twitter and Facebook

6. A piano bar featuring an Elvis impersonator singing Christina Aguilera's greatest hits. (Just kidding.)

Oh yeah, and he's opening a Jewish barbecue place, Steinbones, in New York City. (What, you don't like matzoh ball hush puppies?) Rest up, Nookie!

Fenway’s Nookie Postal Dishes on His Two Forthcoming Restaurant Concepts [Chowder]