Has Tonic Gone Flat?

Canned Facebook statements?

Our chums over at Eater note that Jamaica Plain's Tonic, which lost chef Ryan Kelly not long ago due to "culinary differences," is now closed indefinitely due to staff medical woes. A click on over to Facebook confirms the news: "We are currently on Vacation till end of Month .... Due to personal surgery, it [sic] been longer than anticipated," they say in an update.

Last month, they took to Facebook to say that the closure was due to renovations. Hints of trouble first surfaced back in July, when they were "proud to announce a price drop" on menu items. On Eater, one supersleuth posted that Kelly quit after "the owner wanted them to start using Sysco meat and frozen fish. He said hell no. Good for him!" Tonic opened this spring—so it's awfully soon to fizzle out. [EB, FB]