The Best Restaurants Appeal to Children or the Very Stoned

Waffles are good. Photo: Courtesy Eggo Waffles / Kellogg

High praise indeed: Ariel Shearer at the Phoenix visits Davis Square's new DIY waffle house, iYo, and declares it worthy of children and stoners, even though there's no waffle vodka. "Kids love fro-yo. They also love devouring candy and drawing on walls. But without any children at my disposal, I decided the best way to evaluate iYO Cafe, a self-serve yogurt and waffle shop, would be to rally some girlfriends and smoke a fat joint before heading over."

Then everyone goes into the back room, where there's a chalkboard, and it turns into Woodstock: "After taste-testing our creations, we took shots of Barrington Coffee espresso and headed for the back room equipped with a giant chalkboard. We added flamingos and flower doodles to a preexisting mural of rainbows, faces, and silly tags like "I [heart] Irish dance." Only one drawing appeared to be made by a child—I'm pretty sure the rest was high art." Love a nice freshly baked waffle!

On the Cheap [Phoenix]