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Just in Case You Thought Opening a Restaurant Was Easy and Lucrative

"I took a major risk opening Tryst. I had owned a 30-seat restaurant at the time and leveraged the equity from my condo, lines of credit, and personal loans with interest to fund it. I put all the money I had into the restaurant and lived very modestly until I was able to pay off all my debt. Owning a restaurant is a 24-hour a day job ... It took me 5 years to get the restaurant running smoothly, get return on investment, and be able to breathe. The debt was huge, and any money that came in went towards paying down the debt." —Paul Turano talks to the Globe about the glamorous life of a restaurateur [Globe]

Kitchen Horror Stories 2012: Eleven Ghastly Tales of Restaurant Mayhem

Get ready for more grisly stories.Photo-illustration: Drew Luster

Each Halloween, Grub Street runs a series of Kitchen Horror Stories — gruesome tales from behind the pass. (Here's last year's!) But last week, with so many chefs and owners living out actual (flooded, powerless, ingredient-spoiling) nightmare scenarios after Sandy, the mood hardly seemed right for a new set. Today, the Northeast is a long way from a full recovery, and it's tough to overstate how important it is to get out and support restaurants as they work to get running again. Even so, let this year's set of stories serve as a reminder of just how incredibly hard chefs and restaurant workers are. We can think of no other job where things like severed digits and horrible burns occur with at least some frequency — yet kitchen staffs work through them as if they were nothing, even when just reading about them would make most people squirm. See what we mean, straight ahead.

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Wahlberg Brothers Sue Burger Business Partner for Being an Idiot

Needs a meeting with H.R.Photo: Getty Images

Mark Wahlberg apparently chooses his movie roles better than his business partners: The Boston Globe reports that he's sued Edward St. Croix, who managed the family's Boston-area burger restaurant, Wahlburgers. The lawsuit alleges that St. Croix is essentially the biggest moron in the world: He did an "abysmal” job and “failed to meet even the most basic duties as business manager.”

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GEM Makes It OK to Get Sloshed and Dance in the Morning

Waffles and disco!

Per a release, GEM is targeting "Boston party and brunch enthusiasts" for a boozy second-Sunday-of-the-month soiree. Their Brunch Club (which does not feature the Brat Pack) has DJs, cocktails, and of course, eggs.

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Grubstreet Sweeps

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    “Cookin is gooood!”

    I'm picky about meatball subs so when I say is good it's really good

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    “Awsome food and drink”

    After spending all your hard earned dollars in the Pru enjoy a few cool one here before you take the T home.

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    “Absolutely Amazing”

    Having worked at Olive Garden for 3 years I guess I never really knew what REAL Italian food tasted like.


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