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Cooking Modernist Cuisine at Home, at Home

Let me just get the sous-vide machine warmed up...Photo: Tyson Stole/Modernist Cuisine

When I think about "home cooking," I picture the same things you probably do: meatloaf, spaghetti, maybe some mac & cheese with carrot sticks. As far back as I can remember, neither mom nor dad ever made short ribs that had been cooked sous-vide for 72 hours or salmon that was crisped with a blowtorch. Yet as its name implies, Modernist Cuisine at Home — the $140 diffusion brand to Modernist Cuisine's six-volume, $625 tome — has different ideas about home cooking, ones that involve whipping siphons and 56Ëš(centigrade) water baths.

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But They Deserve a Drink or Five

Tweets Harvest's Mary Dumont: "Lots of angry Romney staffers at the bar...they let you in Cambridge? You know you're in Cambridge right??" Guess she thinks they reaped what they sowed? [Twitter/ChefMaryDumont]

Po' Boys in Newton? Really?

A Chowhounder nearly got into a car accident recently after spying a sign hung from at the old Crafts Cafe on Crafts St. The sign said only this: "Po'Boys." Of course, perhaps this is merely a symptom of sandwich-starved desperation ... but maybe not.

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Sadly, Just a Flash in the Pan

Unfortunately, Maynard's comfort-food-focused Cast Iron Kitchen has closed. It was innovative and aspired to something greater than suburban chain mediocrity, a rarity in the area, and probably a factor in its demise. The Globe named it a best new restaurant in 2009, and no less an authority than the Phantom Gourmet filmed a show there. RIP. [BRT, CH]

Lydia Shire Could Have Been the White House Chef

It's a sad day for the GOP here in Massachusetts, and it's an even sadder day for Lydia Shire: The Herald says that Mitt Romney once promised her a stint as White House chef. "When Romney was governor I used to make his birthday cakes...In fact, I have a letter from him saying that if he ever became president, I could be the White House chef. I gotta dig that out," she told the paper outside the would-be president's somber Seaport soiree. That ship has probably sailed, LS.

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Grubstreet Sweeps

Recent reader reviews on MenuPages

  • Cookin' Cafe & Grill See the menu

    “Cookin is gooood!”

    I'm picky about meatball subs so when I say is good it's really good

  • The Pour House See the menu

    “Awsome food and drink”

    After spending all your hard earned dollars in the Pru enjoy a few cool one here before you take the T home.

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    “Absolutely Amazing”

    Having worked at Olive Garden for 3 years I guess I never really knew what REAL Italian food tasted like.


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