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Todd English’s Enemies List Now Includes Dead People

Another nail in his coffin?Photo: The Todd English Blue Point Oyster

Just when you think Todd English couldn't get any classier, along comes this gem: The estate of Priceline founder Jord Poster, who passed away in August, has wrung $232,607 from the lawsuit-addled chef. Poster loaned English money in 2002, and English allegedly failed to repay him. Then Poster died. According to the Boston Herald, the "world-renowned chef and marketing machine ignored Poster’s pleas to repay the money in the months prior to his death." The ailing Poster, who probably had better things to do, allegedly e-mailed English that “getting our open items cleaned up for my kids’ benefit would certainly contribute to a healing and positive frame of mind.” English replied, “I am sorry ... I will be in touch." But then he wasn't. In fairness, he has been distracted.

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Carb Cravings: Giulia's Opening Is About Two Weeks Away

Chef Michael Pagliarini

Giulia, the super-exciting Umbrian restaurant coming soon to 1682 Mass Ave., with handmade pasta on the menu and Via Matta alum Michael Pagliarini at the helm, should open in a couple of weeks, per a rep.

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Taco Bell Menu Turning Increasingly Experimental, Strange-Sounding

We're not even sure what this is.

As you no doubt know, Taco Bell is killing it with those Doritos Loco tacos, and apparently the success is giving the chain the confidence to go even more loco on its menu. Today Advertising Age runs down all the crazy crap Taco Bell is working on to further the success of its hybrid snacks. In addition to a bunch of desserts — caramel-filled empanadas, churros that look like a take on cheese twists, an triangular ice cream sandwich — there's also a forthcoming series of snacks known as "Loaded Grillers," which will wrap entire servings of nachos and baked potatoes in tortillas for its loaded customers. The Gut-Bust-y approach isn't going unnoticed by the competition.

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Ken Oringer and Boston Chef Pals Raise $30K for Hurricane Sandy Victims

Ken Oringer, Ming Tsai, and friends held a swanky $500-per-plate mega-fund-raiser last night at Mike's City Diner in Boston's South End. Chef Joanne Chang tweets that the dinner raised a hefty $30,000: "So honored to work w such generous passionate community of food lovers, chefs, hospitality professionals!" she enthuses. It's been a busy week for Oringer: He was recently spotted chatting about the opening of his Toro NYC with none other than Rachael Ray. [Twitter/JBChang, Earlier]

Bourdain and Ripert’s ‘Good & Evil’ Chocolate Bar to Make Its Debut

Good & Evil: Anthony Bourdain and Eric RipertPhoto: Melissa Hom

Just as we’d suspected, that “mysterious” Good & Evil chocolate bar that’s co-opted the schtick that Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert put forth in their traveling Good vs. Evil roadshow, makes its big debut at this weekend’s Salon du Chocolat. Philadelphia’s Inquirer spills the beans on the the bar, which is the culmination of more than a year’s work from Ripert and Pennsylvania-based chocolatier Christopher Curtin’s Eclat. To create it, the two trekked deep into jungles of Peru in search of an elusive type of wild-growing cacao believed extinct since 1916.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: And We’re Off!

Some hopefuls, and their omelettes.Photo: Bravo

Most TV shows would kill for Top Chef’s reputation: In its tenth season, it continues to represent an upper-middlebrow trashy sensibility that purees accessibility, celebrity, and actual talent in a back-stabbery broth of semi-sophistication. Let us sup together!

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FiveThirtyEight’s Nate Silver Used to Run a Burrito Blog

The burrito bracketologist.Photo: Christopher Anderson/ Magnum

Two billion dollars spent on it and no one noticed this until the day after the election? Apparently. Nate Silver, the New York Times statistician (of FiveThirtyEight blog) whose predictions reached Wine Spectator-ish absurdities of precision ("Based on his necktie, I have upgraded President Obama's chances of being reelected to 77.83% from 77.82%") but proved, in the end, to be spookily accurate, was a baseball stat geek before a political one, but before that, he was ... a Chicago burrito stat geek, a fact buried in an Advertising Age feature on him. Wait, what stats do burritos produce, you ask? Well, none, unless you generate them, which he did at a blog called the Burrito Bracket in 2007, comparing burritos and other Mexican fast food in his then-Wicker Park vicinity in an NCAA-style competition.

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