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Ex-Employee Accuses Waffle House Chairman of Sexual Shenanigans

Greasy.Photo: Eli Hodapp/Flickr

Here's some news to mull over breakfast this weekend: ABC News says a woman who worked for Waffle House chairman Joseph Rogers Jr. is accusing Rogers of sexual harassment.

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Cereal Art Is Happening

"Shredded Wheat at Dusk."Photo: Ernie Button

Meet Ernie Button, the photographic love child of Georgia O'Keeffe and a bowl of Trix. The Arizona-based shutterbug has a new series called Cerealism, in which he captures ordinary grains of breakfast cereal set against extraordinary, even surrealistic backdrops, including a shot of an Apple Jack that looks like an aerodynamic tumor.

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Boston Is Home to the Only Tavern(s) With a Full Cask of Genever

Raising the bar.

Leave it to Jackson Cannon, the brilliant man behind Island Creek, Eastern Standard, and the Hawthorne: The New York Times reports that Cannon has gotten his mitts on a full cask of genever, directly from Holland, no easy feat. It was purloined from Lucas Bols, a long-standing Dutch company that had never sold genever by the cask before.

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McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s Struggling — Here’s Why

They never should have fired the King.

Third-quarter sales recently came in for the big three in the fast-food world, and things aren't looking too good for any of them. Last week Burger King announced a dramatic drop in net income of 83 percent compared to the same quarter last year; McDonald's admitted this week that a key sales figure (global revenue at restaurants open at least thirteen months) had dropped for the first time in a decade; and Wendy's, which deposed Burger King for the first time this year to take the No. 2 burger spot in the nation, is operating at a widening loss, though their revenues seem to be on the rise. So why is all this happening to the fast-food giants? Allow us to posit a few major reasons.

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Next Week, The Earl of Sandwich Gets a Throne

The Earl.

We hear that the Earl of Sandwich will open on Boston Common on November 12 at the former Pink Palace men's rest room. Of course, the spot has been thoroughly cleaned up and now attracts buns of a different breed. See the hot sandwich menu ahead.

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A Hot 'n Heavy Romance: Woman Splashes Love Rival With Frying Oil

Out of the frying pan.Photo: Eating Made Easy

What happened to the good old days of hair-pulling and face-slapping? A Lawrence woman will spend a year in jail for throwing hot cooking oil into the face of another woman she thought was having an affair with her boyfriend, the AP reports. In fairness, the oil-thrower had 20 years on her romantic rival, so she needed to get creative.

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Iced: No More Liquor Licenses in the North End

The tension between residents and rowdy restaurants has spilled over: Thanks to a vote from the North End/Waterfront Residents' Association, no more liquor licenses will be issued in the neighborhood. Notes ever-attentive Universal Hub: "With 91 restaurants and bars already pouring libations, the group voted recently to oppose any new pouring licenses. It will refuse to meet with anybody seeking a new license and will instead file an automatic letter of opposition with the Boston Licensing Board." How stringent. How dull.

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Grubstreet Sweeps

Recent reader reviews on MenuPages

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    “Cookin is gooood!”

    I'm picky about meatball subs so when I say is good it's really good

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    “Awsome food and drink”

    After spending all your hard earned dollars in the Pru enjoy a few cool one here before you take the T home.

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    “Absolutely Amazing”

    Having worked at Olive Garden for 3 years I guess I never really knew what REAL Italian food tasted like.


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