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Kendall Square Welcomes a Cutely Named Cafe

Aw, look, it's the Squeaky Beaker! The fittingly monikered cafe will open in December, says BRT, from the same people who own the cozy 2nd Street Cafe.

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Ruth Bourdain’s Flat Thanksgiving Jokes Are All Turkeys

It's almost Thanksgiving, and thus everyone's favorite Twitter mashup of 2010 is at it again. Ruth Bourdain unleashed a flurry of Turkey Day-related tweets today, and we'd have to concur with Anthony Bourdain who said six months ago that RuBo had "lost gas." Jokes like "Moistness should be your goal when cooking the turkey, but if it's too moist, consider calling a gynecologist," and "If you are buying a local, organic, heritage turkey, make sure it has a beard, tattoos, and is wearing skinny jeans," never would have made it out of the Onion writers' room, that's for sure. RuBo then finished up her morning's work with a brief moment of shilling her new book, Comfort Me With Offal. Because, you know, with humor like this we could sure use more! Thankfully the burning question of "who is Ruth Bourdain?" isn't burning so bad anymore, and it would seem most of us have given up caring. (Last we heard it was two people, but they've remained mum.) [RuthBourdain/Twitter]

Cook Rushed to Hospital After Eating Ghost Chile Pepper Sauce

A spoonful ... of danger.

A 26-year-old cook in London was taste-testing his restaurant's "ultimate flaming hot chicken wings" in front of cheering customers when things went horribly wrong. Arif Ali started sweating while eating the wings, which were slicked with a sauce made from Naga Bhut Jolokia, or ghost chile peppers. He drank milk in an attempt quell the burn before gasping and ultimately collapsing on a dining room table. Ali was taken to a nearby hospital, treated and released, but reported severe stomach cramps and diarrhea for a week afterwards. The wings were prospective menu items at Jimmy's in London, and the restaurant intended to challenge customers to eat as many as they could withstand. "We have now decided in the interests of customer safety," Jimmy's manager tells the Mail, "not to put this particular item on our menu." [Daily Mail UK]

It's Official: You Can Eat Lone Star and Deep Ellum Until 2 A.M.

A rep for both spots says that their kitchens will remain open until 1:30, and you can park your drunk self either in the restaurants or on their patio, which previously closed at 11 p.m., until 2 a.m. We'd heard rumblings about the extension for Deep Ellum, but apparently it's in full effect for Lone Star, too. Late-night tacos for all!

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Is the Union Bar & Grille Getting a Makeover?

Critic MC Slim JB floats a rumor on Chowhound that the Aquitaine Group's reliable neighborhood standby Union Bar & Grille might get a new name and a makeover. Right now they're busy opening the South End's Cinquecento, which is supposed to open right after Thanksgiving. [CH]

Irate Papa John's Employee Cuffed Outside Parlor Sports

Danger.Photo: Mary-Louise Price

While Papa John's CEO John Schnatter is busy ranting about Obamacare and his minions are sending late-night texts to hapless customers, local employees are also busy causing mayhem by spitting, chest-thumping, and mowing down innocent pedestrians.

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Grubstreet Sweeps

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