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Happy Thanksgiving!

Who invited him?Photo: istockphoto

We're shoving off a bit early today to begin the trek homeward for Thanksgiving, bottles of fine white wine rattling in our backseat. Have a luscious holiday, and we'll see you back here on Monday. In the meantime: imbibe wisely, eat heartily, and use caution if cooking with ghost chiles.

Would You Buy the Upper Crust?

The Upper Crust goes bust.

Well, would you? Apparently it's the thing to do. The suffering chain has struck the fancy of about 40 potential bidders, reports the Boston Globe. Oh, but the best part? Original founder Jordan Tobins, who has been under investigation for all sorts of things, including death threats, wants to buy it back with "new partners." (The old ones were accused of using company money to buy yachts and stuff.)

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East Arlington Becomes a Uniquely Gluten-Free Haven

Sweet.Photo: Something Sweet Without Wheat

Conveniently coinciding with the downfall of Twinkies, a message sent to our Twitter account, also appearing on the Arlington Patch, indicates that a first-of-its-kind, gluten-free and wheat-free bakery is about to open in East Arlington on the Cambridge line. Something Sweet Without Wheat should open on December 1 at 169 Mass Ave., in the old Barisimo space.

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Hostess Definitely Probably Still Dead

It looks like the Twinkie hoarding wasn't in vain as yesterday's eleventh-hour mediation talks went nowhere. Hostess is back in bankruptcy court as of this morning ironing out its liquidation plans. The company's 33 bakeries have already ceased operations, and 18,500 jobs are likely lost. A final official announcement is expected shortly. [Reuters, Earlier]

Sixteen Simple, Succulent Reasons We're Thankful to Live Right Here

Shrimp noodle gratitude.

'Tis the season to give thanks, and before we tuck into our turkey and stuffing, a shout-out to some of our favorite reasons to dine out right here in Boston, from the simple to the sublime. This list isn't about the flashiest places or the splashiest openings — just the simple pleasures that make eating out in our fair city so wonderful. What are you thankful for, culinarily speaking? Let us know in the comments. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Grubstreet Sweeps

Recent reader reviews on MenuPages

  • Cookin' Cafe & Grill See the menu

    “Cookin is gooood!”

    I'm picky about meatball subs so when I say is good it's really good

  • The Pour House See the menu

    “Awsome food and drink”

    After spending all your hard earned dollars in the Pru enjoy a few cool one here before you take the T home.

  • Il Villaggio See the menu

    “Absolutely Amazing”

    Having worked at Olive Garden for 3 years I guess I never really knew what REAL Italian food tasted like.


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