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See the Menu at Estelle's, Opening on Saturday in the South End

Estelle's, named after the legendary neighborhood hangout that was just a block away.Photo: Jessica Miller

Grub Street has learned that Brian Poe's new Southern restaurant, Estelle's, will open on Saturday night. East Coast Grill alum Eric Gburski will run the kitchen. Meat maven Poe says this is a chance to pay homage to his Southern roots (he grew up in Georgia) and to his grandma, whose recipes pop up throughout the menu. Speaking of which, check it out straight ahead.

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It's the End of the World at the Painted Burro

We have to give props to a press release that begins: "What would you do on your last day on Earth?" Thanks for making us contemplate the finite nature of our existence, Painted Burro; if we continue to consume your chupacabras, our dying day will come swiftly. Anyway, they're hosting a Mayan End of the World Bash on December 21, which will include a confession box and cocktails, some of them chocolate-based, because Mayans were the first people to eat chocolate. The party begins at 5 p.m. and lasts until the world implodes or 1 a.m., whichever comes first. [PB, Earlier]

Watch Will Gilson and Louis DiBiccari Discuss Deranged Zoo Animals and Pop-Ups on Luke O'Neil's New Show

Luke O'Neil, TV host.

Cocktail scribe Luke O'Neil's TV pilot is now available for viewing. His first guests? Will Gilson and Louis DiBiccari. "Ever since I worked at Oleana ... I've been trying to open up in Inman Square," says Gilson, whose Puritan & Co. opens there this week. Meanwhile, DiBiccari says he's not into the term "pop-up" for his democratic-menu'd Chef Louie Nights, though preparing for them does require running around like a "deranged zoo animal" getting ingredients.

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Don’t Worry, Hostess Executives Will Apparently Still Get Bonuses

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Oh, Hostess: Yes, all of the company's assets will be liquidated and almost all of the company's employees are without jobs, but in a move that is sure to draw ire, the company asked a bankruptcy judge to approve a move that would give its top executives $1.8 million in bonuses. And, according to CNBC, that judge did, in fact, approve it.

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Top Chef Seattle Recap: David Rees on a Handsy Padma and Old-Timey Hawaiian Obsessions

Photo: Bravo

This week’s episode kicks off with the gang still arguing over Kuniko’s exile. John, the most hated chef in Dallas, continues his role of loudmouth jerk. He yells at Josh: “How many restaurants have you opened and failed?” CJ looks like he wants to knock John upside the head with How to Cook Everything. Amidst the din, someone lets slip this immortal diagnosis: “You pretend to have balls and you don’t have balls!”

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Peanut Farmers Peeved Over Peanut Butter Plant Closing

Seems the FDA’s shuttering of a peanut butter factory tied to salmonella outbreak that sickened 41 people in twenty states has turned a bumper crop of goobers into a bumper bummer for the small town of Portales, New Mexico. And the citizens there are mad as hell about it. The AP reports that the peanut-rich region was banking on a particularly bounteous harvest this year, but with Sunland Inc., the only production facility around, and the town’s largest employer, out of commission, those hopes of fortune have turned to worries about the local economy.

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When Restaurant Facebook Meltdowns Go Public, Everybody Wins!

Marc Orfaly in the kitchen, where he should probably stay.

In case you're not tired of them yet, Angry Facebooker Marc Orfaly and Mad Sandy Whose Pumpkin Pie Tasted Like Vomit will be on the Phantom Gourmet's radio show on Friday, report our chums at Eater Boston. Apparently they've kissed and made up. The Facebook feud, which contained witticisms like "you must like vomit you bitch" and "I find you as vomitous as your pallet" (yes, "pallet") went viral yesterday. Even BuzzFeed knows about it! But is there really anything left to say? After all, Sandy, who happens to run cooking classes for children, reportedly has announced that "we both have apologized for our words and we are now FB friends! He offered me a make up meal and I will gladly take him up on his offer. He seems like a really nice guy and is very passionate about food!"

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Watch This Magician Make a Baguette Appear Out of Nowhere

This Yif guy really knows his way around viennoiserie. Even if you're one of the few people out there who doesn't appreciate street magic, you'll probably want to see this Paris-based, Taiwanese guy turn dough into flaky pastry, then transmogrify a little more flour and water to produce a three-foot-long loaf from, well, nowhere. We're wondering if Yif can make other food magically appear, but in any event, "bread magician" sounds way better than "charcuterie magician." What you are about to see may not be gluten-free, but it is no-knead. Prepare to be amazed.

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Dirt Candy's Amanda Cohen Talks at Tufts on Saturday

Amanda CohenPhoto: Dirt Candy

Fresh off her jolly New York Times review, Dirt Candy's fearless veggie vixen Amanda Cohen will come north to Boston on Saturday to talk about running a restaurant, being a professional chef, and how to cook vegetables so that they don’t wind up "as tragic piles of failure on your plate," says her rep. Intrigued? Pop over to Tufts's Sophia Gordon Hall at 3; the (free!) talk lasts for a couple of hours, and her graphic cookbook, aptly named Dirt Candy: A Cookbook, will be on sale.

Watch a Gangbanging Latke-Making Video

Just in time for Hanukkah comes the first episode of what's apparently going to be an online series, "Bubala Please." And the premiere finds our two Jewish gangster hosts frying up some latkes. Stir this motherfucker up.

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